Peace And Love Only

I am thankful for what I have not experienced.

By Monica Sanchez

While the poem below was written a while ago, I hold on to those words more than ever now. Recently, my family received some horrible news. A close relative of my cousins was gruesomely murdered at gunpoint by her own husband while she was sleeping. We always hear these stories in the news, but that’s all they are, just stories. We understand that they’re real and vicious and horrid, but they’re never close enough to touch us. Now that violence that was so easy to turn off with a simple click of the remote has clawed its way into our lives and left a bloody stain that is not easily scrubbed off.

I grieve for the loss my poor cousins are experiencing. There is not much else I can say to comfort them. Words will not erase the horror that occurred, but they can serve as a reminder that weapons, no matter what a person’s justification is, will never bring about peace.

I am thankful
that no one has ever handed me a gun
and strained my whole arm
with the weight of power in my little palm.

I am thankful
it has not seeped
through the pores in my fingertips
and made a home inside my skin.

I am thankful
it has not found its way
into my veins
and traveled to my heart.

I am thankful
my conscience is light enough
to carry alone.

-Peace and Love only-


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