The Butterfly Effect

Even a butterfly has greater power than it realizes. 

By Monica Sanchez

As a teacher, I encounter a lot of people who feel as if their words and actions have no meaning, and everything they do is simply being launched into an endless void. They truly believe it makes no difference what they say or do because the earth will keep turning regardless of their actions. While the world will continue on, it does not mean it will for the better if we stumble forward careless of our actions.

Whether we’re aware or not, we have the power to create a catastrophic butterfly effect at the drop of a hat. The butterfly effect is a simplistic way to explain chaos theory. This theory involves small, unrelated actions affecting larger systems, such as a butterfly flapping its wings in your hometown leading to horrific weather in another part of the world. I think it’s interesting that the butterfly effect is a term normally used when describing awful situations. However, we can create positive butterfly effects too, and I’ve witnessed the power of how much one kind little word can actually do. We are all butterflies and every flimsy little flap of our wings we exert as we make our way around this bright blue marble can cause tornadoes we are unable to even contemplate. Therefore, let’s flap forth and put our words to work to create positive relationships and change for the better.


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