Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

I seem unable to stop batting my eyelashes and blushing as I read your second response to yet another article of mine. 

A writer always wonders if anyone reads their work or the extent to which their work has an actual effect on people. Wherever you are reader, I want you to know that I appreciate your existence.

Should you so desire to write any letters in the future, I will happily continue to publish your satirical criticisms and welcome praise of my word choice and opinionated prose. 

-Monica Sanchez
Grateful Writer

*Letters to the Editor originally published by Beacon Media News / Monrovia Weekly

Reader Perturbed Over Detail In ‘3 Aspects Of The Millennial Dream…’ (May 18 Issue)

Reader Supports ‘5 Grievances About Millennials That Are Actually Character Strengths’ (May 25 Issue)

* Updated June 6, 2017

Reader Reflects On ‘3 Concerns Millennials Aren’t Worried About’ (June 1 Issue)


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