What Are Your Wild Thoughts About Rihanna’s New ‘Wild Thoughts’ Shoe Collection With Manolo Blahnik? #Takemymoney

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Yas queen! You are royalty, but true queens don’t parade around in tiaras anymore. If you don’t believe me, then take it from Bad Girl RiRi, who struts down the street with gems on her feet.

Rihanna recently switched it up and is getting high on heels instead with the launch of a new shoe collection with Manolo Blahnik called “So Stoned,” rightfully named for the jewel-encrusted footwear.

One piece from the collection, Poison Ivy, made its debut in in the music video for the song “Wild Thoughts.” If you haven’t seen the music video yet, check out Rihanna killin’ it: DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller. Although DJ Khaled was the main artist, Rihanna stole the show in jeweled gladiator sandals.

Poison Ivy, a fan favorite, is already sold out online. And the rest of the collection features slippers for summer that even Cinderella wouldn’t have left behind!

The “So Stoned” collection was released on July 6 and continues to sell out fast. Vogue details that “prices range from around $1265 to $2325,” with the Spice sandals being the least expensive.

Who else is eager to burn a hole in their wallet so they can get high on heels too?

Some sizes for other sandals in the collection are already unavailable. It’s evident that too many women gave in to those “treat yoself” whispers cooing from that pesky little devil on their shoulder. Perhaps, some of us will have a shot at snagging a pair of royal footwear when others realize they exceeded their credit limit and rush to make a return.

Not all of us will see such luck, but we can still emulate Bad Girl RiRi’s look, even if we lack the sandals of a modern monarch.

Check out this video for a “Wild Thoughts” RiRi tutorial:


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