Downward Dog in Downtown Fullerton

Purple Yoga classes led by helpful, patient teachers are both challenging and relaxing. – Courtesy photo / Purple Yoga

By Monica Sanchez

Downtown Fullerton is a hub for millennial trendsetters. And usually, I’m among one of the many millennials who frequent the bars and restaurants of Downtown Fullerton’s night scene, but this millennial traded one night for basking in the daylight of the area’s other alluring attractions. From vintage shops to alcohol-infused cupcakes to working up a sweat, there’s something for everyone in Downtown Fullerton.

I don’t why, but I chose to work up a sweat in Downtown Fullerton. All my life, exercise has been the Antichrist. Anytime I went near a gym, my fingers formed a cross, a feeble attempt to keep such practices as far away from me as possible. And while I was convinced that I would not survive if my little toe even dared to pass the threshold of an exercise establishment, my good friend convinced me otherwise.

I reluctantly followed my friend to Purple Yoga, where I finally shed my misguided fear of exercise. To be fair, I only strayed away from it for so long due to the curse of being top-heavy, which makes most forms of exercise uncomfortable and unenjoyable. But after participating in a class led by Rachel Pedroso, I’m finally convinced that us top-heavy girls can stop running away from running and instead run towards the nearest yoga studio, a Purple Yoga studio if possible.

At Purple Yoga, Rachel teaches the Gentle Flow 60 class, a class I agreed to go to because it sounded less intimidating than my preconceived notion of a yoga class. Rachel made me want to come back not only to a yoga class, but specifically to Purple Yoga.

I admit that I did try yoga before at CorePower Yoga and had a terrible experience. Other classmates and even the teacher laughed at me, a new student who was simply trying to learn.

But Rachel made me eager to give yoga another try! She was kind, helpful and patient, which is why I went back to participate in another Gentle Flow 60 class, the perfect class for yoga newbies. In fact, all the teachers and staff I’ve met so far at Purple Yoga in Downtown Fullerton and Long Beach have completely transformed my opinion about yoga.

Plus, – and don’t laugh for my fixation on this factor – the bathrooms at Purple Yoga are amazing! Seriously, they look like hotel bathrooms, and the staff at Purple Yoga kindly take women’s needs into consideration by keeping the bathrooms well-stocked with essential hygiene products.

And the fact that the Purple Yoga studio in Downtown Fullerton is across the street from Hapa Cupcakes in no way influenced my decision to keep going back. (Well, maybe just a little!)


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