About Us Page

Welcome to RHC Components! We are a group of cyclists who are passionate about cycling on and off road. The story of our company begins in 2005, when we started out as a home-based, online bicycle store. From the very moment we began exploring the exciting industry of bicycle components distribution, we’ve ventured towards expanding our brand and succeeded in steadily achieving rapid growth over the years. Since our humble beginnings, we have moved into a bigger warehouse, secured more distribution contacts, developed eight international brands in Malaysia, started our own research and development to create inhouse bicycle components, and launched our products onto store shelves.

To top it all off, our products are inexpensive too!  Delivering high-quality products that benefit cycling performance and don’t break the bank is a challenge, but we work incredibly hard to do it. Why? We care about our customers, and it is our ultimate priority to create opportunities for everyone to experience the same products we love to use. Everyone deserves to explore the joy of cycling!

RHC Components is dedicated to being the reason people have an unforgettable cycling experience, whether they’re a beginner or a professional. We feel blessed to wake up every day and work in this industry, where we get to develop products that bring people positive memories and happiness.

*Originally written for RHC Components



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